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This is a listing of all the featured programs in the program catalog. You can view the brochure for any of these programs by clicking on the program name.
Featured Programs
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Guatemala | Globalization and Engagement Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
Terms: Fall, Spring Break Description: A week-long immersion experience in Guatemala for undergraduates seeking experience-based knowledge across cultures, across disciplines, and around the world.
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Health and Human Rights in Israel Be'er Sheva, Israel; Haifa, Israel; Jerusalem, Israel; Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Terms: Spring Break Description: This 1-credit hour course introduces students to the principles of health and human rights through an examination of that topic in Israel and Palestine.
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Mercer in London (Exchange) London, United Kingdom
Terms: Spring Description: This is a semester-long faculty-led program based in London, England. Students can select 12 credit hours or choose to do an internship as part of it.
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Natural History of the Galapagos Quito, Ecuador
Terms: Spring Break Description: This program is a combination of class sessions and intensive field experience designed to familiarize students with the Natural History of the Galapagos.
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Philosophy and Art in Greece Athens, Greece
Terms: Summer Term Description: Over the course of 4 weeks, students will seek to better understand the human condition by considering how it is depicted in works of art and architecture.
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Service-Learning in Cuba Havana, Cuba
Terms: Fall, Spring Break Description: This one-credit course uses experiential learning and Service Learning to enhance medical Spanish skills, and to study the state-run healthcare system in Cuba.
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Summer in Sweden Stockholm, Sweden
Terms: Summer Term Description: Sweden has been held up as the country that has it all together. So how does Sweden do it and can we duplicate their success here at home?
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