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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Fall Budget Sheet for University of Strasbourg.

Fall Budget Sheet for University of Strasbourg
Fall Budget Sheet for University of Strasbourg
Budget Item Exchange (O)
Study Abroad Fee *   $75.00
Remaining Program Cost *   $9,275.00
Tuition: Semester (12+ Hours) *   $18,275.00
Billable subtotal:  $27,625.00
Flight   $1,400.00
Personal Expenses   $4,000.00
Visa   $115.00
Non-billable subtotal:  $5,515.00
Total: $33,140.00
*The remaining program cost for this program includes housing and breakfast daily.

Please note that these are estimates.

For exchange programs, you are charged your standard Mercer tuition for the semester (marked as billable items above). All Mercer aid as well as state and federal funding may be used towards this cost. For non-exchange programs, only state and federal funding may be applied to the cost of tuition. 

To fully understand how your aid package will work for a study abroad program, we highly recommend meeting with your financial aid advisor before committing to a study abroad program.

Payment Agreement & Refund Policy
I, the undersigned applicant for participation in Mercer University's study abroad program, in consideration for my acceptance in such program, hereby agree to and accept the following financial and other arrangements necessary for protection of participants in the program. I also accept and agree to the conditions and standards specified in the current application form a copy of which I have read.

Payments are DUE on or before the dates set by the university, program provider, or faculty leader. Cancellation notice must be RECEIVED in writing on or before the refund deadline date as specified for each program. 

I understand the price of the program as quoted is subject to change according to currency exchange fluctuations and rising fuel and transportation costs.

Cancellation and Refund Policy: In the event of cancellation of an entire session of a Mercer University program or activity before commencement of the program, a prorated refund of all fees, together with an appropriate evaluation of academic credit, will follow. Any unrecoverable funds (e.g. airfare, deposits on hotels) will not be refunded to students. These actions will terminate any further liability on the part of Mercer University.

In the event that a student chooses to withdraw from the program after being accepted and billed, the student will be responsible for the entire cost of the program. Prorated refunds will be considered only in cases of serious illness or emergency and the amounts of refunds will be determined individually on the basis of recoverable costs by Mercer University at the time of the withdrawal.

Student Billing/Collection of Fees for Traditional Faculty-Led Programs: Students make their study abroad program payments through the Bursar’s office.  Before a student can make a payment towards their study abroad program, their account must be in good standing with the Bursar’s office.

If the student has an outstanding balance, then the student must either pay the outstanding balance or enroll in a payment plan. Approximately 6 weeks before a program’s departure date, the Office of International Programs will provide a complete roster to the Bursar’s office. The Bursar’s office will review each student to determine the student’s financial standing. Students will not be allowed to participate in a study abroad program if their account is not in good standing.

If students have holds on their accounts, then they must satisfy requirements for that hold before making study abroad payments. Students are able to pay their program fees by cash, check, or credit card.  If students make a payment online through their MyMercer accounts, then the students must contact the Bursar’s office to let them know where that money should be directed.
* Billable item